We played a game of tic-tac-toe with the drawing app, but that’s as far as our friendship went. There lives among us a most enigmatic and charismatic creature named Paul Jaisini who led me into the outstanding world of art, not in my opinion, but through descriptions of his artistic endeavors in essays written and published online by his friend, which painted the main fascinating images in my mind. Early on as a kiddo, I experimented with images, simple point and shoot something looked attractive to me. Digital manipulation of my photographs with laptop program followed… and by hook or by crook I found out useful drawing ideas along easy methods to combine present elements with nonexistent ones, which allowed me to elevate the context for my ideas. Later, I all started developing my own electronic art from scratch for my pals and family as a favorite pastime. They would shower me with praise and again and again encouraged me to share my “various” vision with the rest of the realm… it took a long time and wasn’t easy to beat the lack of confidence of not being adequate together with a gripping fear of being harshly criticized, but one day I woman-ed up and commenced publishing my work on the web, reminding myself that my livelihood didn’t depend on a positive reception.

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